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I have tried and tried to get the domain tarabrown.com and it’s just not happening. The owner seems to want to park it on that elephant killer domain registrar GoDaddy.com indefinitely.

Alas, I purchased taratigerbrown.com. My posts are there.

Be sure to read my posts about women in tech on Forbes. blogs.forbes.com/tarabrown/


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  • It's Friday, August 18th, 12pm in Tokyo. All the horrible crap happening in the US is in the past. I like being in the future. 2 days ago
  • @Artguy76 I've been thinking about how to combine K12 art and environmental health (air & water quality) bc it's invisible, obscure to kids. 2 days ago
  • @hillary ya that pic makes the rounds every so often 6 days ago
  • I’m going next week! “@JapanNewsDaily: Fukushima in Japan is surrendering to nature news.quiboat.com/zd73K5Z71 week ago
  • @jlweich That's what I was afraid of, we were under an overhang. Only place to go was downstairs or out into the train tracks. :( 1 week ago

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