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Pregnancy: 18 weeks 09/27/09

I didn’t post week 16 or 17 because I was on vacation and OK, a tad lazy. Sean, Jason and I went to SE Asia (Hong Kong, Singapore, and Bangkok). I felt pretty good the whole time despite the heat and humidity. There was tons of good food to eat everywhere, but I didn’t stuff my face because I was pretty stopped up still which really sucked.

My Mum was really worried that I would blow up like a balloon on the plane or in the heat but I didn’t have a problem. I just made sure to drink lots of liquids and move around the plane frequently on the 14 hour flights.

Somewhere between LA and Hong Kong I’m pretty sure I felt Baby Bonner move for the first time. I can see why first 16 weekstime Mums can confuse it with gas (cuz we get lots of it!). Since then I feel something at least once a day. It feels kind of like a little fish swimming in my tummy. It starts and stops pretty quickly. I can’t wait to feel the movement on the outside so Sean can feel it.

We did a ton of walking on our trip and I really noticed how quickly I would get out of breath when walking up flights of stairs. I also found it difficult to stand for any period of time. When we got home I rode my bike a bit and it was so uncomfortable on my butt and my lower back. It makes me sad because I really love my bike but unless I get some big cushy seat I think I’ll have to stop riding or get another cruiser bike (mine was stolen).

17 weeksThese past few days my belly has been looking more round and pregnant as opposed to just fat and mushy which pleases me, it just looks better with clothes and I feel better about myself. I totally get the whole I need to gain weight thing, but a few years ago I got a little chunky and I worked hard to lose weight and I really don’t want to get back to that place again so I’m trying to watch what I eat and stay healthy.

Related, my new obsession is perusing Google images for photos of women the same number of weeks as me so I can see if I’m “normal” or “too huge.” I know that everyone is different but I don’t want to be godzilla prego lady.

18 weeksI haven’t had any cravings these days, although I started drinking soda in SE Asia, which is strange because I’m not a big soda drinker and I’ve felt like it more and more since then. Not a good habit to get into, plus having soda with real sugar kicks so much ass on high fructose corn syrup.

Last week we heard the heartbeat – 145 and on Oct. 14th we have our 3D ultrasound appt and I hope we also learn the sex. We (or at least I) have a name for a girl but boys are hard. Plus with the last name Bonner I’m paranoid about the poor kid being called “boner” so I want to ensure the first name doesn’t cause any additional jokes.

I need to sign off so I can buy some maternity jeans and a bathing suit. I was literally popping out of my suit on vacation and I need to get back to swimming.

Until next week…


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