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My 5 days of crazy @ SXSWi

I started out a South By Newbie and now have the battlescars to prove I was there.  Not a lot of sleeping to be had because there were just too many things to do and too many people to meet and chat with.  Bottom line, I highly recommend it if you are prepared to break out of your shell and show your extroverted side, otherwise I’m not sure that listening to panels is going to provide you with the full on experience. It was a well worth slog that will never be forgotten. 

Here are some of my fave things from south by interactive:

Fave App:  Bitstrips.  Hands down, this is the coolest avatar builder/interactive social software app that I saw. And built by Canadians!!

Emotional moment:  PostSecret keynote.  The secrets were heartfelt, someone proposed and the reply was ‘yes’ and someone pleaded for wellwishers for her ill sister

Everyone had:  iPhones and Moo cards and Macs. Everyone.

Best party: Tie between the Etsy party @ the TapRoom (I wored Alix’s Threadless shirt) and the digg party @ the Ranch.

Best venue – Pangaea where the Facebook parties were held.  Apparently a FB investor owns it.

Best recovery:  Zuckerberg @ the Facebook garage session.  You might have heard about the famous interview

New hero:  Jane McGonigal from Avantgame.  She is girl power all wrapped up in one.

Coolest gadget:  Tie between bloxes and mimobots (ya happy tree friends!)

Most used service to communicate with peeps: Twitter

Craziest moments:  too many and what happens at sxsw, stays at sxsw (until someone posts on Facebook…) remove tag, remove tag

Same type peeps I met: Canadians!! Lots and lots and lots of my people were there. Yaaaa!

I have a lot more to report, but after partying until 4am, running back to my hotel to pack, and racing to the airport for NYC, I need to sleep!


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