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Pregnancy: 26 weeks 11/22/09

I have spent this weekend in New York celebrating my 35th birthday. It marks a couple of milestones for me – it means I’m going to be an “old mom” as 35 is considered over the hill in the world of pregnancy. That is why I was put in the high risk category despite not having any unusual issues. This is also my last week in my second trimester which is supposed to be your best trimester and the time to get all your traveling in. I won’t be doing any traveling in my third. I have started to tire easily (I have anemia) and breathing is a bit harder (all my innards are scrunched together) so I think I need to just buckle down and rest. As much as I’m excited for Baby Bonner to get here, after witnessing a bunch of adorable but incredibly high energy 1 and 2 year olds running around and their parents barely keeping up, I realized that I really do need to cherish these last moments to myself and with Sean.

Tara at babycakes in New York


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4 Responses

  1. shane says:

    So very, very true. 🙂

  2. Annika says:

    I’m really baffled that you’d be put in high risk. The age thing has to do with your eggs, and since you conceived at 34 you don’t qualify. OBs are weird.

  3. roni says:

    I’ll second Annika in questioning that “old mom” label for you. A doctor friend told me that medical literature purposely starts age groups early to make the older members of the group feel better (e.g. future me) & be more comfortable seeking treatment/testing. Plus look at you. Srsly.

  4. Liv says:

    Don’t worry about being an old Mom..I am and if I had done it any sooner I wouldn’t have been ready, as I am typing this a baby is crying in the back ground. You’ll be fine, I try to feed off my kids energy rather than fight it. Pregnancy looks good on you! Enjoy the next 3 months you are right you to savor it! Happy 35th the mid way between 20 and 50…I know horrible thought isn’t it, I still remember 20 so vividly!

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