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Pregnancy: 14 Weeks 08/30/09

Today marks my transition from the first to second trimester.  In all the literature this is cause for celebration because it means that your chance of miscarriage greatly decreases.  It’s also supposed to mean the start of feeling amazing, although that hasn’t kicked in yet.  I have had my good days and bad days. Here’s how I’m feeling:

Crampy.  I have been swimming and doing yoga and walking which helps (did I mention that last week? I can’t remember, I’m losing my mind).  I really thought that I would get a reprieve from any menstrual symptoms but apparently not.

14 wksBig.  In the last couple days I have popped out and it has even caused me to pop some buttons.  I had to buy a skirt today at REI that just has a wide elastic waistband because all of my pants have become tight.  The button of my shorts went careening through the air at the store today and I had to hold them up for the rest of the day.  I don’t have any sweatpants but I have some Lululemon pants that I think will work for awhile and I’ll probably go to a second hand store and buy some boy jeans.  Maternity clothes don’t appeal to me at all and if Souris can get away without buying any maternity wear save for a pair of jeans, so can I.

Headaches. I got a doozy a week ago and I got another bad one yesterday.  Nothing really fixes it except time.  I imagine it’s the hormones because I haven’t experiences ones like this before.  I learned a couple of techniques at Prenatal Yoga today that I will try out and I have some tea that is supposed to help relax me.

Constipated. I never ever thought it would happen to me. FFFFFFUUUUUU

Still addicted to eggs. I’m over milkshakes though because I had the worst stomach ache of my life the other night after eating popcorn with butter and then a caprese sandwich.  It lasted all night and I think it was all the dairy or fat or something.  I can’t really think of any foods that I absolutely must have.  I get super super hungry but then I eat and I can’t finish everything. It’s a bit strange and annoying.

Thirsty as heck.  I have bottles of water everywhere because I hate the taste of the Brita water. I know I know, I’m horrible. But hey, you want me to be dehydrated?

Out of breath.  I’ve been having a hard time breathing really deep and sometimes I get out breath when walking up the stairs.  I’m not a ton heavier than I was, so It’s gotta be hormones or something.

I think that’s about it for how I feel.  In other news, I met someone at my Prenatal Yoga class today that has the exact same due date as me. How random.  She is super tiny and you can’t even tell she’s pregnant and then I look at myself and I have this bulge like I’m 20 weeks pregnant.  Krikey. Also, my cousin’s wife is due 2 weeks after me.  This is pretty cool because me and him are a month apart and there are pics of us crawling around together. It would be fun if our kids could do the same.

We are leaving in a week for SE Asia and I’m excited. I know I have to be cautious and ensure on the long plane ride I get up all the time and drink tons of water.  I’m well traveled so I’m not going to eat or do something that will be dangerous.  I will of course have Sean and Jason at my beckon call so I’m sure everything will be amazing.

That’s it.  Yaay second trimester!


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  1. Erica says:

    I hear American Apparel has lots of options you can use as pregnancy clothes… and still wear them afterwards! Look at Ryan’s amazing blog, if you haven’t, especially the maternity series–his wife Cole’s got some style going on!


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