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Pregnancy: 13 weeks 08/23/09

I have a stupidly bad memory and now that my little secret is out, I’m going to journal my experience carrying Sean’s spawn so if I ever “decide” to do this again I can kick myself in the head.  My books all seem to give me a weekly play by play so I will do the same.  A new week starts for me every Sunday and tomorrow I will be 13 weeks.

So far, I have felt pretty dang sick every day.  Not throwing up, but just constantly nauseous. I understand feeling shitty is actually a good thing in terms of how the pregnancy is going.  How sweet, the shittier you feel, the happier the baby is.

13 wksI get lots of mild cramps. Apparently my uterus is getting bigger, its about grapefruit size now.  For some reason all the books measure things in fruit, it’s kind of turned me off of it. Maybe they should have picked desserts so we all stop craving those. Mmm, my uterus is the same size as 2 scoops of ice cream. Gross.  Anyway, I was kind of nervous about the cramps b/c it can also mean miscarriage, but I didn’t have any other signs of that (blood) so that was all good.

My snot is different. I’m serious.  It’s a different color and consistency now.  I wake up and its plugging my nose.  No idea on this other than apparently getting stuffed up is common.

Some things taste super horrible to me now, namely the water in our Brita containers.  Sean changed the filters but it still tastes really like metal to me now.  I have to drink it flavored or have bottled water which I feel guilty about.

I absolutely love milkshakes.  I used to have them on occasion for a treat, but now I want them all the time. Oh that and Green Tea Frapuccinos from Starbucks. Can’t get enough.  I’m only supposed to be consuming 300 extra calories so these desires are not helping me try to pack the weight on slowly.

I think I smell different. Or I just get smellier faster. I used to be able to shower every other day no problem, but now I feel like I need to shower a couple times a day.  And its this musky smell that I’m not familiar with.

I’m getting over being really tired now, and instead can’t sleep very well. I wake up all during the night and don’t feel like I get into a deep sleep until after 5 or 6 which sucks because I keep getting up later and later for work.

I got this stupidly bad tension headache two days ago and it won’t go away.  I have had them before but never for this long.  I got a massage, relaxed, rested, got a mani pedi, drank lots of water, etc.  I read that all the extra hormones can contribute to it, so I suppose that’s the deal.  Just sucks because I’m dealing with all this other stuff and it makes me feel like I can’t function.

My boobs are gigantic. We are talking triple Ds. Ya. Apparently they just keep getting bigger and bigger and don’t stop until 3 weeks after I give birth. I’m scared because like, that means I have 30 more weeks to go. Am I going to end up an F? An XX? In addition to the size, my nipples totally look different.  I really don’t understand why all these changes have to happen so fast when I have 6 months to go.

I have a bit of a belly.  I have gained a few pounds so I think it must be bloating or something because there is no way I should be this fat.  The books say that some people will have gained  few pounds so I think I’m OK.  My pants aren’t fitting me very well, but again the book says that might start happening around this time so I’m not super paranoid.  I have been exercising – swimming, biking, walking, etc.  Not as much as I want to, and now that I’m starting to feel a bit better I will do it more.  I am paranoid to end up stupidly overweight, I just want to gain the normal weight so it doesn’t take forever to take it off.  I see women around Venice all the time that are hugely pregnant but also fit.  I want to be that way too.

I’m not going to lie, so far I am not enjoying this at all. The books say that when you go into your second trimester you start to feel great, then in your third you start to feel crappy again, so I will cherish the next 90 days.

As for the baby, in week 13:

  • fingerprints have formed
  • veins and organs are clearly visible through her still-thin skin
  • body is starting to catch up with her head
  • the baby is almost 3 inches long and weighs nearly an ounce
  • baby’s intestines are migrating from the umbilical cord into his or her abdomen
  • it’s liver begins to secret bile
  • all twenty baby teeth have formed and are waiting under the gums
  • it has begun to practice swallowing by taking in the surrounding amniotic fluid and passing it back into the amniotic sac through his urine
  • it can now smile and his vocal cords are quickly developing, too.
  • it’s beginning to look a little more human and less like an alien, as his eyes move closer together and the ears begin moving to what will be their normal position.

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2 Responses

  1. Andre says:

    A hypothesis for the nausea and enhanced smell is that your body is protecting the foetus against toxins from plant and other sources while its liver (our primary detoxifying organ) is still developping. Most of the cellular differentiation takes place during the first trimester.

    The last 5-6 months of a pregnancy is mostly spent growing so this is less of an issue.

  2. souris says:

    “How sweet, the shittier you feel, the happier the baby is.” WTF? what kinda info are peeps feeding you?! i didn’t throw up once my whole pregnancy or feel nauseous and some would argue, lulu’s happier than most new babies. everything else is pretty spot on. the booger thing is kind of fun. just roll with it. haha.

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