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Twitter is Greater Than YOU

I recently tweeted “I have thought long and hard, and decided to stop following ppl that have no causes other than their own. I’m sorry. and once again, 140 characters doesn’t explain properly what my message is.  It’s pretty simple really.  We all know by now that Twitter is an amazing way to get your message across to many people in a short amount of time.  What I am hopeful for, and asking you to think about, is not just using it to satisfy your own ego.

I have checked most of the Twitter pages of the people I follow and was pretty sad to see that some are just tweeting to get followers and as many replies as possible and replying back to people that reply to them about whatever self-marketing they are spewing.  If all you care about is getting fav’rd then that’s concerning to me.  It is also very heart-breaking to me that many of these people are my personal friends and I know they aren’t heartless, so I hope this makes them think at least for a second about changing their tweeting ways. Take a minute to read your last 10 tweets and ask yourself what their purpose is and if a single one helps someone other than yourself.

It is effortless to take advantage of this amazing platform to help your fellow man, woman, child, animal, insect whatever.  It doesn’t have to be for something great like saving the world from deadly disease, it can be as simple as trying to help someone get a job, finding a lost pet its way home, letting others know about an issue in your neighborhood.

I am fully aware that we all use Twitter in different ways, I’m just saying that if you don’t use it on occasion to help someone or something other than yourself, then it makes me think you are using Twitter as a marketing tool and I really have no interest in continuing to allow you to indulge on my time.

Lastly, just because I unfollow, doesn’t mean that I don’t consider you my friend, just means that I have a different view point than you on how you are utilizing Twitter.  We can exchange phone numbers if we need to text each other.

Clear now?



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6 Responses

  1. jayhathaway says:

    I feel like getting favrd is an indication that you’ve entertained someone else, which is bigger than yourself by definition. Doling out free jokes is different than self-promotion.

  2. Erica says:

    Thank you, Tara. I’m really admiring your straight up no BS attitude lately. Anyone who makes me reconsider my actions in a positive manner is aces in my book.

  3. Jodi says:

    Very thought provoking. I don’t try to get followers, but find myself being bitchy and negative which is generally unpleasant and not helpful. (Besides occasionally helping me not stab someone!) I’ve been trying to throw a little positive out with the venting but don’t often succeed. I like this food for thought.

    I will retweet this when I’m at a computer.

  4. stereocache says:

    jayhathaway is actually helping twitter out because he makes me check it more. selfless. ev probably thanks you.

  5. Erica says:

    These comments bring up something that I have observed about Twitter; something that I wish would change. Negative/bitchy/etc. posts get more attention, more favrd’s, more @replies. And in turn, these people get more followers (I think–it’s a guess).

    I have noticed when I dole out that type of post a lot, people respond. It’s the never ending battle with people loving the negative.

    It’s a good time to start sharing the positives amongst that to gain more attention for the better good, eh? @drew seems to have done well with it.

  6. shane says:

    Well, if nothing else, I now think to myself before every tweet, “Will this be the post that leads to an unfollow by Tara?” 🙂

    But ultimately, it’s hard to tailor content for specific people. I know if I started doing that, as a writer, I’d get jammed up to the point of silence. I write things I think of. Some are self promoting, some are attempts at comedy, some are drunken rants, and of course some are misfires. I think a lot of people exist within twitter the way they exist in real life: Trying, sometimes a little too hard, to fit in and be liked. Or maybe that’s just me.

    It doesn’t seem like you should have to justify unfollowing someone. If you’re not moved by what they do, you stop listening. Simple.

    Although Twitter ≠ Real Life, sometimes Twitter is a lot like Real Life. If people bum you out, you cut ’em loose.

    Even friends.

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