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I don’t believe in #followfriday, but…

I don’t believe in #FollowFriday on Twitter because no one ever gives me a quality enough reason in their tweets to take their advice. I spend quite a bit of time reviewing who I follow because I need to manage my valuable time on this planet and I’m not going to click on someone’s name just because you say so. If I notice some intelligent interactions going on between someone I follow and someone I don’t, then I will check them out and see what they are all about.

That all being said, I deeply value the people that I do follow, and want to do more than a trite shout out, so I am going to write up thoughtful posts that explain why I follow a particular person or company. I’m going to try dang hard to do this regularly but don’t hold me to it because I suck at blogging. Most of the people I will post about I follow on more that one network or service, or yes, IRL, and my main hangouts include Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, various music blogs/aggregators, and Facebook. I have been known to hang on 4Chan, but that’s like Anonymous. Hmm, maybe I can post about him.

On this maiden voyage, the person that I am going to let you know about is Anthony Volodkin or @fascinated on Twitter. Anthony is behind Hype Machine, which is my favorite music aggregator. Most of the music I tweet about includes a link to it on Hype Machine. I recently met Anthony in Austin at SXSW after a virtual connection over Twitter. He put on an excellent panel “Help! My iPod Thinks I’m Emo” which was one of my favorites, and later I had the chance to chat him up some more over lunch. In addition to working on cool shit, Anthony is a very modest, cool and chill guy. When I send Anthony bug reports (via Twitter) he is always quick to respond and very appreciative of input even though I probably annoy this shite out of him (I still want my Songbird integration back!!). I work at Topspin and many of my coworkers are also acquainted with Anthony as the music + software services circle is pretty small, and all of them think he is pretty cool and admire his work. So ya, I’m a fanboy and became even more so when I read a tweet of his that he was hanging out with @moot. OMG! Lastly, he has decent music taste which I am pretty particular about and if you know me, you know I wouldn’t follow a poser.

To sum it up, if you are into music, like someone that is modest and down to earth, smart, travels, and travels in interesting circles, Anthony is your dude. I hope that I gave some good reasons as to why I follow Anthony around virtually and consider that connection valuable.



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  1. thomas says:

    a good example of times when 140 characters just aren’t enough. P.S. what was so great about songbird. I heard about it when it launched but i got the impression that it was just another music player but with a nicer name than itunes.

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