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Help me Coachoose

I have been trying to coachoose wisely for Coachella 2009, but there are some open slots where I don’t know the band or just can’t make up my mind between all the great tuneage!! Check out what I have and share your advice! Also, if you think I have coachoosen poorly, bring it!

Pink square = definitely! want!
Green circle = maybe, waffling, I dunno
Pink square and Green circle = really want to see the one in the pink but conflicted because of the green
Blank = halp! no freaking idea

Coachella - Friday Set Times

Coachella - Saturday Set Times

Coachella - Sunday Set Times


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8 Responses

  1. DieLaughing says:

    Good to have a plan. But as a veteran Cochella camper, I have to say that other than the headliners, you’ll be lucky to stick to it. The weather determined a lot of my choices last time and I think I enjoyed seeing the bands that I’d never heard of more. Especially the ones that hit it big later. I hope you and Sean have the most rockin’ist time!

  2. shane says:

    TRV$DJ-AM FTW!!!

  3. Bronwyn says:

    OK, here are my thoughts…

    Silversun Pickups = awesome / will be amazing, if you like their new album do NOT miss this

    Noah & the Whale = very good, friends have seen them and loved them live

    Beirut = awesome

    Band of Horses = very good, would like to see them live

    Amanda Palmer = so so sad I missed the secret show today, friends said it was amazing

    Sunday Coachella stage line-up = awesome. go, go, go. Peter Bjorn & John through The Cure

  4. Tara Brown says:

    Adam – I went last year and I didn’t think about it ahead of time so I decided that this year I would pay more attention and at least have a rough guide…I know I won’t make it to all but damn it I’m not missing YYYs!

    I heard from a couple of others to try out Drive By Truckers and K’Naan.

    Bronwyn, my friend @dan insists that I need to see Beirut 🙂

    Shane – my friend @ameet3000 says I will love DJ AM. 🙂

  5. bromike666 says:

    Hellooooooooo….. Throbbing Gristle, godfathers of all that is industrial.

  6. Tara Brown says:

    For the record, Mister Sean Bonner would not be caught dead at Coachella or any other music festival. I’m going with my buddy Angela and hanging out with my awesome peep friends and hope to make a ton of new ones!!!

  7. Erica says:

    I noted a handful of stuff on flickr. Kinda wish I was seeing some of these but I can’t handle big music festivals. Have fun, woman!

  8. Can’t believe you don’t want to see Blitzen Trapper! One of my fave records last year!

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