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7 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me

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I was tagged by Sean Bonner

Usually I am a meme hater, but I was going to write a blog post anyway so what the heck.

1.  I am a commitment phobe.  I have never lived in one house for longer than 2 years since I was 21.  I have owned 3 houses within the span of 4 years.  Even now I am looking to find a new place to live.  It’s exhausting and I’m getting too old for this.

  • 1995 – moved out of my Dad’s place to boyfriend’s place in Burnaby (Vancouver)
  • 1996 – moved to Springer Street in Burnaby (Vancouver)
  • 1997 – moved to Kitsilano on Balsam (Vancouver)
  • 1998 – moved to 6th street (Vancouver)
  • 1999 – moved to 12th street (Vancouver)
  • 2000 – moved to Sunnyvale in corp. housing (Bay Area)
  • 2001 – moved into apt on Evelyn in Sunnyvale (Bay Area)
  • 2002 – moved to apt in the Haight (San Francisco)
  • 2003 – bought a loft in Potrero Hill (San Francisco)
  • 2004 –  bought a 12 acre farm in Carnation (Seattle)
  • 2005 -bought a house in Wallingford (Seattle)
  • 2008-moved to the Mission District (San Francisco)

Where’s next? I don’t know, but I really want it to be somewhere that I stay long enough to get some dust on the furniture.

2.  The most epic of epic parties that I ever threw was when I was 15.  My Dad and Step-mum left for a vacation in Mexico.  His secretary was in charge of  me and my 3 younger brothers because he didn’t trust me.  I decided that I wanted to have a party so I could meet some boys.  I started telling friends about the party and before I knew it, it was announced on two radio stations in Vancouver.  I told the babysitter and she decided to just roll with it, so we packed up all the crystal and valuables and stored them away.  We shipped my brothers off to friends houses.  We had bouncers. We had booze. A few hundred people showed up. People were everywhere including the hottub and the pool.  I found the babysitter having in my parent’s bed having an orgy. The cops came and people cleared out but once the police left people started coming out from their hiding places and the party continued.  The following day things were missing like the stereo speakers, home phone, some of my dad’s rare liquor bottles.  There was nothing I could do about it so the party continued for a few more days.  When my parents got home I was grounded for at least a month.  At the time I regretted it, but 20 years later people still bring up that party and how amazing it was.

3.  I learned to drive when I was around 14 or 15.  Me and my friend Patrick would steal my step-mom’s mini-van late at night and drive around.  She would always wonder why the gas gauge was low and I would blame it on a neighbor kid with a motorcycle and tell her I heard he was syphoning gas.  I think my Dad was onto me because he put bars on the windows to my room…my room was in the basement and I would sneak out every night to go party in “the back 40” with friends.

4.  For as long as I can remember I have wanted to write movie scripts. I went to the Vancouver Film School for scriptwriting classes and even started writing some but never finished.  I have fantasies of being at the Oscars and doing my acceptance speech for some sci-fi movie that I wrote.  They are all sci-fi related by the way and in space. And aliens of some sort are always in the picture.

5.  When I was going to B.C.I.T. a guy caught my eye. He drove a blue Toyota 4Runner when they were super cool and he played hockey.  I decided that I just had to have him.  I was The Province’s “Smile of The Day” and totally made most of the answers up to match his attributes…like I said I liked “sockeye salmon” because that was the name of his hockey team and I said I was born in Michigan because he used to wear a Michigan sweatshirt.  I made friends with one of his friends who I found out liked my friend Jennifer.  I made him a deal with him that if he brought Drazen to a club outting then I would bring Jenn. The whole thing was a success and we started dating but once I achieved my goal I quickly became bored of him and dumped him for someone else.  Winning is bittersweet.

6.  I am copy and pasting this one from Joi Ito because I couldn’t have written it any better: I’ve always wanted to sing but I suck at singing. My mother is was good at singing and many people in my extended family are professional musicians. I flunked the choir entrance test in Jr. High School and always embarrass myself at karaoke when I’m forced to sing. I hate that I suck at singing. My father can’t sing so I blame him.

7.  When I was 24 I was “discovered” by a modeling agency and started to model.  I was constantly being asked to diet and they would lay out my meal plan and tell me I had to lose weight even though at 5’8″ I weighed 115 pounds.  I gain weight just by looking at chocolate and that was one vice I refused to give up.  I told them they could stick their meal plan and their naturally skinny models where the sun don’t shine and that I was going to go do something that required brain power.

That’s it. This was easier than I thought. I have a bunch more but I know these kinds of memes come around quite often so I’ll leave it at that.

I’m tagging Daisy Barringer, Angela Baxley, Dan Dofter, Alix HanJay HathawayCindy Li, Ian Rogers


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5 Responses

  1. ben says:

    I also have been writing a script but it’s a drama set in the 1940s. I would love it if you would send me your script and i’ll send you mine
    Thanks. 🙂

  2. And you haven’t turned that teenage party incident into a YA novel or screenplay because why?

  3. Alixito says:

    We are similar in that I moved like crazy too and I also did modeling. 🙂

  4. […] under: life | Tags: diet, endometriosis, infertility, vegan | Recently I wrote a post on “7 things you probably didn’t know about me.“  I didn’t add everything (gosh, I hope not, how boring) but one thing that I wanted […]

  5. Clintus says:

    I love these. Great to learn some new things about you.

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