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Save the Sea Kittens!

Peta announced a new campaign to rename fish to “sea kittens.” The idea is that people wouldn’t want to eat them if they had a cuter name. I asked my fellow tweeters the following:

“Dear fellow Pescetarians, would you stop eating fish if they were called “sea kittens?” @officialpeta’s new campaign. http://bit.ly/hyVw

This started a flurry of responses:

>> bronwynlewis: @tara “every time you order sushi, god kills a sea kitten”?

>> bronwynlewis: instead of ordering sushi now, i’m going to order “raw sea kitten”

>> jpdefillippo: @tara I’m going to stop eating the poor sea kittens. Furthermore, to save the animals I’ll just eat the humans. 1 PETA pita please.

>> seanbonner: @tara won’t someone please think of the sea kittens and their poor, wet fur.

>> MackReed: Because “Sea Kittens” are tasty

I had sushi the other day and I didn’t think once about the yummy fish I was eating as “sea kittens,” so the campaign hasn’t affected me. It has however provided me with entertainment such as this game by Peta where you can dress up your own “sea kitten!”

Here’s mine:


Create Your Own Sea Kitten at peta.org!


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2 Responses

  1. Clintus says:

    there is nothing anyone can do to make me stop eating fish. It is the tastiest animal in the world. Call it sea cock for all I care; I will eat the shit out of a sea cock.

  2. @Clintus – Damn fricken straight! Nom Nom Nom. Like renaming them makes them any less tasty. Somehow PETA thinks I care more about anaimals than I do people. Hell, there are people I wouldn’t think twice about eating (and some I might even pay to either eat myself or have someone else eat for me).

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