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Home alone and it’s got me thinking…

I’m home alone, watching some hockey on the tube, cuddling Lucky Cat and Funston and spending time interacting with my peeps on Twitter, Flickr and Facebook.  I don’t remember the last time I got to just veg out all lonesome like.  It’s pretty awesome I must say.  One thing I realized is that my Twitter stream becomes static pretty quickly now that I only follow 100+ people.  I also realized that there are some people that I really really miss…especially those people that I used to interact with when I first started using Twitter.  Unfortunately, I made some decisions around who to follow and not follow to make it easier to keep up with friends and I decided to unfollow people that I have never met or that I don’t interact with on a regular basis.  Well, I’ve changed my mind people! Yep! I’m upping the numbers again. Of course I reserve the right to unfollow if my stream gets pwn’d with your frivolous nonsense, but that goes both ways, right?  So, if we were Twitter pals, and I unfollowed you, please send me a smoke signal so I can add you back. I have this horrible memory and I can’t remember everyone’s twitter names.  Thanks!!


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One Response

  1. Clintus says:

    I sometimes get to do this on Friday nights but not always. I wish it happened more often.

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