Tara Tiger Brown


just prowling around

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  1. Darrin says:

    Nice. Perfect timing with this post.

    I teach computing trends class, and I covered Twitter last night. Next week I’l be talking about microaddictions, and this article is an awesome resource. Would you mind if I link to it from the online section of my class?

    Darrin (AKA @Chakapedia)

  2. Erica says:

    You’ll eventually get into whatever comfort zone it is with twitter that you need/want. I can stay away from posting for days on end and I used to post a page full a day!

    Remember, it takes 21-28 days to form a habit. Stick with it!

  3. Angela says:

    I really missed the “Get Up Off Your Bootay” tweet. Please don’t miss that again. Srsly, how else will I remember to get us and shake my ass each afternoon?!

  4. Clintus says:

    I go long periods of time (in a day) without tweeting and it bugs the shit out of me. This sounds like a valuable test and has re-focused you on what Twitter means to you. Nice work.

  5. Snowbear says:

    So that’s where you disappeared to. 🙂

    I sometimes go for days without tweeting, mostly because I don’t seem to get as much interaction out of it as some do. None of my RL friends are on twitter and I only get replies from a handful of the 300+ “strangers” I follow. I don’t even bother using it over texts much. My addiction to it comes from keeping up with all of tweets.

    When I followed a lot less people it wasn’t too hard to keep up with all of the tweets. Now though there is no way I can keep up. Twhirl helps by letting my scroll with the mouse wheel and skim quickly but I’ve still had to force myself to not care so much about reading everything. If I am away from the computer for a few hours I limit myself to about an hours worth of tweets or less, depending how busy it’s been, and I rarely @reply to anything older than 25 minutes.

    You did use ooVoo for the Heroes chat? Cool. 😀 I wondered if you would try it out after I suggested it.


  6. Kat says:

    Ah, I actually had thought to see if you had IM information available but I figured that might go against the exercise.

    Anyhow, definitly cut down on your twitter use. I have a bit of factors to curb that, namely that lately my friends have been so busy that they have been able to do less replies or are not on the net as much due to upcoming festivities.

    I would definitly say that you shouldnt rely on twitter for too much. Its a great tool but any great tool can become a crutch when you dont diversify your internet communication experience


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