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That’s Not How You Say That

Ever since I moved to the USA, I have been annoyed with people who don’t pronounce certain words correctly.  Here is my running list. Feel free to add.  Here’s some more:  http://www.alphadictionary.com/articles/mispronounced_words.html

“I would like a shot of X-Presso, please.” — It’s actually Espresso.  See, no X.

“Mommy, would you pwease make me a pweenutbutter Sammich?” — This is not even close to Sandwich. And I don’t care if it’s some Southern slang, I could not find it in the Oxford dictionary.

“I’m playing Badmitten because tennis balls scare me.”  — Dang that mitten is a bad one. Umm, no. Its Badminton.

“I need to Axe you a question.” — Ask!!!  If I had an axe for every time someone confuses a word made of 3 whole letters…

“In Canadia, people live in igloos.”  — There is no ‘i’ in Canada. Ask me how I am pretty darn sure about this fact.

“It’s none of your damn bidness, man!” — Business. We aren’t bidding here.

Dubya is a dumb ass.” — ‘W’ is actually pronounced ‘double U’. Shocking, I know.

I will admit something…I didn’t know that Klu Klux Klan is actually Ku Klux Klan. I’ll be sure to evangelize that one around.


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LDR: Hope is Less Distant

I recently wrote about my Long Distant Relationship (LDR) with my dood (let’s call him ‘Sean’) and how I was trying to determine if it was worth continuing or not.  At the time that I posted it, we were seeing each other sporadically and for short stints and I was having emo-attacks thinking it wasn’t going to work out (some of that was because of my move to San Francisco and change of jobs).  I am still trying to figure out what really works for me in a relationship but I am happy to report that the LDR thing isn’t so bad after all.

In fact, we are currently on a roll because between Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Orlando, and again in San Francisco we will have been with each other for the better part of a month.  So now that we have spent a ton of time together the attacks have stopped and I am more certain then ever that I want to make this thing work.  I was worried that the opposite would have happened where if I was with him more often that I would get tired of “us” and hanging out all the time, but the more I hang out the more I want to.

Despite this positive change of events, I often wonder if I’m crazy to feel this way considering my previous, and recently failed relationship.  On the other hand maybe Sean and I just click better.  We have a good mix of conservative and crazy and we laugh all the time.  And when I say all the time, I am being literal – whether it’s online or IRL we are total retards with each other.  I have seen and spoken with my ex quite a few times over the past few weeks and not once have I felt remorse or had any residual feelings.  In fact, we had a really nice conversation about his girlfriend and my dood.  We both want each other to be happy and that is an incredible relief to feel free of the past and to move on.

So, what makes me happy in a relationship?  In some ways I like to fly by the seat of my pants and take risks.  On the other hand I am conservative and traditional.  When it comes to love I like a cross between the two.  I am monogamous and not into sexing up every boy in town, but I also don’t need the house with the picket fence. I am really bad with routine and not terribly domesticated and change my mind a lot before I commit (hmm, I might want to work on that).

I can definitely report that being with Sean means lack of routine.  We pretty much plan things spur of the moment – in fact I just got back from Orlando where Sean participated on a panel for a blogging conference.  I think that making an effort to see each other even if for a weekend and sticking to our deal on maximum time apart, is a key ingredient to our current success.  Additionally, we have a lot in common but more importantly have a lot that’s not in common which keeps things very interesting (stay tuned for my post on dating a vegan).  He is so different from anyone I have ever dated before.   I think I read somewhere about breaking free of patterns where you are attracted to the same kind of person all the time can put you on a whole new relationship plain.  I also think that being friends first and going on our 101 road trip made a big difference in getting to know each other in a no pressure situation.

That’s my update for now…I very much appreciated the very thoughtful comments that so many of you provided on my initial post… supportive and positive and I especially liked the happy endings. ☺

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Music that made me all happified today

Here are some tunes that totally moved me somehow – either literally in my chair, because I got a good chuckle or gave me goosebumps and made me miss my dood.

So They Say from Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog Soundtrack

>>I love the show and this song just cracks me up.  Who can’t chuckle to these lyrics: “This is so nice. I just might sleep with the same girl twice. They say it’s better the second time. They say you get to do the weird stuff.” The Topspin offices have guitars and a drumset and keyboards and so forth and I was hoping to get some peeps to play it, but no go (so far).

Valium Knights by Spinnerette

>>Brody Dalle is amazing.  Spinerette is working with Topspin and it just gets me all excited to work with amazing artists.  I think she has an incredibly sexy voice and I love women that can rock.

Electric Feel by MGMT

>>I found this on Fairtilizer which is my fave new listening tool.  This song is so dang catchy!

MGMT cover of Kids by the Kooks

>>My friend Dan sent this to me and I really really like it.  I appreciate the whole being in love and maintaining the kook

Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa by Vampire Weekend

>>I listened to this from the Chromeo Dave 1 playlist and I happened to be reading a pretty amazing email I got from my dood and so now I associate this song with him.  I interpret the song to be about being in a rather sheltered situation and doing something that isn’t quite acceptable, or rather doing something you wouldn’t normally do…as my mantra says “fuck it.”

Lollipop by Madison

>>The song is much more erotic sung with Madison’s raspy voice…also something about a woman singing about another woman is pretty hawt

L.E.S. Artistes by Santogold featuring Movado

>>I was having a pretty intense, intimate moment with my dood over the labor day weekend and this song was playing and I guess the moment along with the tempo of the song and the lyrics all just blended well for me. In fact I remember replaying it on purpose. 🙂

Glory Box by Portishead

>>Let’s just say that I have a problem with not ever being “all in” when it comes to relationships…even when married I always had a foot in the door.  I’m not a player, I’m not into serially dating but just never gave my whole heart to someone…and this song pretty much sums it up for me. She is singing about finally giving her heart up but also asking to be loved back in the same way, and forever.

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