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Emotional Triggers

I was out with a friend the other night and he asked me if there was anything that would trigger me to become overly emotional, no matter what I was doing or the mood I was in.  His trigger was fairly obscure, and surprising and actually made me giggle.  I thought about mine for a second and answered that it was when animals were being treated poorly.  At the time that seemed liked the right answer.  I’m a big animal lover and I get pretty emotional watching Animal Cops and the like.

Today, at the end of an extremely emotionally taxing day, I realized that I have another trigger.  I was watching Almost Famous and that scene where everyone on the bus starts singing Elton John’s Tiny Dancer came on.  It was at an extremely emotional highpoint in the movie that has always resonated with me.  Every time I see that scene, no matter how many times, I cry.

There are many other movies that invoke this response in me – it is always a combination of a scene and the music.  Some are silly and I can’t bare to share, but my connection with them all runs deep.

Although these combinations make me cry and emotionally uncomfortable, at the same time it is incredible and almost magical knowing that two writers – script and song – were able to connect with me on such a deep level.


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3 Responses

  1. As goofy as it is, the “Yes, We Can” video has triggered several good cries for me. I’m not star struck, and I don’t even know the names of half of the famous people. Still, the optimism in that video taps something deep down that I’ve been waiting for from politics.

    As an aside, Chapters seven and eight of “Quantum Wellness” will be uncomfortable for you as it deals with the grim realities of turning animals into food in an industrial culture. But, it’s an important message if you can face it.

  2. Clintus says:

    It’s funny that you write about this. Ever since I had my daughter SO many scenes in movies as well as tv (when I actually watch it) hit me emotionally different than before. I tend to get choked up over the silliest stuff because of what is happening and what music is playing. I hate it really cause there isn’t a reason for it. I have just become more emotional since becoming a dad.

  3. Angela says:

    That scene gets to me too. Especially when she looks back over her shoulder. It’s people sharing an experience, connecting over and through music.

    I love that movie.

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