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Two days of fail

I have a big long list of crappiness that I experienced yesterday and today.  No intro needed, let’s just dive right in shall we…

  • I made a bunch of folders on my phone for my fave text messages and then my Smartphone crashed and when it recovered it burped out all my text messages into oblivion.  I have a very bad memory and I require documentation to even remember what movies I’ve seen.  This was a huge bummer.
  • I Brightkited a bunch at Emerald City ComiCon and then when I got to the best part – meeting Wil Wheaton (@wilw) I didn’t get my frickin’ pic with him. Dammit! I guess that means it never happened.
  • The actor who plays Peter Patrelli on Heroes didn’t show at ComiCon. Fail!
  • My knees have been bothering me while I jog and someone suggested that I get some new shoes so I went to Niketown.  I decided to get some Nike+ compatible shoes (of course) and asked for the watch+sensor because I don’t have an iPod Nano.  The salesman took 10 minutes to go through all the nuts and bolts of the system and then at the end of the pitch I exclaimed “sold!” and he said “sorry, we are all out”.  WTF? Why would you bother even trying to sell something you don’t have in stock. Thanks for nothing.
  • Twitter is ticking me off a bit…first, on a couple of occassions the web version will indicate I have entered 140 characters into the update well and then I press enter and it tells me I was >140 chars. Wtf?  Second, sometimes when I send a direct message and then refresh the page, it appear to post the message again because the confirmation message will appear over and over again. I’m always worried that I’m spamming the same message over and over.
  • I forgot to get my Mum a Mother’s Day card. I fail. 😦
  • I have to reboot my smartphone everyday because the browser will stop rendering webpages.
  • A Seattle weather report is texted to me at 8am everyday. And everyday it reports rain.
  • Forgetting Sarah Marshall was a terrible movie, with horrid editing and the walk home made it even worse because the cold wind was ripping into me like a hard slap.
  • My real estate agent told my ex today that she thought the house was priced too high.  It has been on the market for 7 weeks and she decided to tell us this now? Are you kidding me?
  • I have to keep my house clean everyday because it is for sale and this has become quite the onerous routine every time I want to leave the house.  I never used to make my bed or put every single dish into the dishwasher after use. I feel like I am living in a museum not a house.  I hope it sells soon but then I have other decisions to make so its a bit of a catch 22…
  • Today I had plans for a bike ride with friends but I couldn’t find my bike pump and neither could they.  Then it started raining and we gave up.
  • Lastly, I would love to be tapping away on my keyboard from the comfort of my bed, but my wireless router is broken and I am tethered to the modem. Meh

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3 Responses

  1. swissfondue says:

    Maybe you could get an iPhone instead of the smartphone. You can always justify it by saying you need to test the rendering of MS sites 😉

  2. Andrei says:

    Look on the bright side: you got to kiss Wil Wheaton and ride your horse this weekend. Most people don’t get to do that in a year. 🙂

  3. ssgreylord says:

    Whatta day. Just think, tomorrow can only get better (I hope…).

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