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Sunny in Seattle but I’m Still Complainin’

Until recently I didn’t realize how often I get annoyed by things…We aren’t talking just once or twice per day, we are talking upwards of at least 10 times.  I started counting the number of times when my Life Coach (aka shrink for people that want to think outside the box) requested that I start journaling my day.  I would leave her office after an hour still rambling on (to myself at that point) and in her absence she wanted me to have an outlet.  She handed me a notepad and pen and said “write down every thought as it comes to you.”  I looked at her with my usual ‘wtf’ raised eyebrow and explained that I got hand cramps after about 30 seconds of using those old fashioned writing utensils and if I wrote down every thought I would surely develop tennis elbow.  We agreed or rather I *told* her that I would journal on my laptop while riding to and from work on the Microsoft Connector bus which is a total of about 30 minutes.  After she figured out that the Internet can “travel” with you, she wasn’t thrilled with the idea of me spending more time on my laptop because she thinks I spend too much time online already, but conceded to the idea that I would use some of my brain energy “constructively” and for my own well-being.

I started listing things in my wiki throughout the day that annoyed me (I give credit or curses to Tantek who told me to use a wiki as my instrument of thought).  Interestingly enough all my thoughts were really complaints as opposed to just ideas, and I didn’t list everything because I thought that the trivial things didn’t really matter, or if it wasn’t technology related then it was bunk.  But, then I got to thinking that I would really love to get an actual count of the things that tick me off so I know how much of my day is spent being in a negative state of mind.  Not that it would change anything, but just an interesting statistic. Also, I thought that for my own mental health I might also want to list out the things that make me happy or “happified” as I like to say.  I was a little worried at first that I would have nothing to report on this front, but in fact there have been a few instances of good karma coming my way and so my life isn’t just all spit and vinegar.  I report on that now in my Tiger Love blog.

Alright, enough jibber jabber, time to get to my list of annoyances:

  • I have this dumb idea that if I weigh myself every morning I won’t gain a lot of weight because I can catch myself before gaining too much.  Well, I just realized that the stupid display on the scale has been frozen to my weight from 2 months ago and in fact, I have gained more than a few pounds. So I’m annoyed at my fancy scale, SXSW for starting me on my partying rampage, and alcohol in general.
  • I got on the bus this morning and flipped open my laptop lid.  I hadn’t shut down Windows Vista the night before (stupid me!) and so waited the 10 minutes (literally) for it to wake up and figure out where it was (I’ve had a few of those mornings so I had some empathy).  It finally started ticking a bit but everything was so slow then I decided to reboot.  Waited another 10 minutes for this cycle.  By the time is was humming an elevator tune I was half way to work and realized I had better type super fast.  I finally got online (wifi..not annoying) and started writing in my blog.  About 5 minutes later my screen froze.  We are talking no ctrl-alt-del, no right clicking task manager, nothing.  Oh, and I hadn’t saved yet either.  This totally freaking annoyed me and I hadn’t even gotten to work yet.
  • On the bus I was sitting on the back bench sandwiched between two somewhat large guys.  The song playing on the radio was “I feel like making love” by Bad Company.  Needless to say, this was ironic and uncomfortable all sandwiched together.
  • Got to work and had a 9:00am meeting with three other people (oh and 9:00am meetings really annoy me).  One person was giving guidance on something and writing a chart out on a piece of paper (we already know how I feel about paper…). The other two people started copying his chart on their pieces of paper.  I just couldn’t handle this redundant behavior.  Is that really necessary?  And it was a chart with 4 boxes in it..come on.
  • As I have mentioned, I now take the MIcrosoft Connector bus…originally I decided to use it on M-W-F but then decided to try 5 days/week because I have a frickin’ huge SUV that sucks gas like me drinking Kahlua and milk.  I navigated to the Connector website to change my recurring appointment to add Tuesday and Thursday.  I clicked on edit but the checkboxes to add those dates were grayed out.  So I decided to create a new recurring appointment for those two days and it told me that I had already booked those days. Well I hadn’t of course because I checked my schedule just in case I had some sort of memory fart. Nope, hadn’t. At 4:30pm I called the number to talk to a support person (available 10:00am-7:00pm) and it went to voicemail that said they were gone for the day.  A friend is coming into town and will be borrowing my car and I was worried that I wouldn’t get the days and times I needed so I promptly programmed single trips, one by one, morning and evening for one month.  If you can’t do the math that’s 16 operations times 8 clicks each which is 128 mouse clicks.  Needless to say, that annoyed me.
  • I have had my work laptop for long enough that I am permitted to get another one.  I asked if I could get a Mac and run Windows on it (I mean come on, I’m like the only one at conferences without the kewl kids laptop).  I was told to give a business justification because otherwise everyone in my workgroup would want a Mac.  What kind of freaking answer is that?  I don’t really care what others want, if a Mac is going to make me happy after 8 years of servitude at the ‘Soft, then I should be given one wrapped in a red bow.

I know I had a lot more grievances, but those ones are burned into my head still.  Maybe I will do a better job of jotting my “issues” down on my Smartphone…oh boy, don’t even get me started on that.


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5 Responses

  1. 9am meetings really annoy me as well. As do any meetings before noon. Your mention of this really set me off and I’ve finally written up a few words on the topic: http://tantek.pbwiki.com/MyNextStartup#Meetings

  2. Fuzzz says:

    After reading this it makes me think that everyday is Festivus at your house… I’m kinda jealous :-). I love the airing of grievances part of Festivus.

  3. swissfondue says:

    Justification for a Mac: 1) Productivity increase on bus. 2) testing how IE runs on VMWare, Parallels etc. 3)

  4. swissfondue says:

    People in Switzerland do not think it impolite to schedule 07h30 morning meetings (and these are not breakfast meetings).

  5. tiffanyorkin says:

    I coincidentally met a life coach today, he actually lives a few doors down…. how’s it going with having one?

    Do you have any complaints? – Tiff Orkin

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